Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cake Pops

This is for Kathy since we couldn't get together to make these. They are a little time consuming but when needed...weddings and fundraisers come in real handy when something special is needed.

Looks simple enough.

All you need for the inside of the cake pops are basic cake mixes and a tub of cream cheese frosting. I like the cream cheese because it adds a good flavor.

Bake the cake according to the directions. Let cool completely. I like to cut the cake into squares and crumble it by rubbing together. Its important to crumble without just mashing it together. Pull out any hard edges.

 Once finally crumbled mix in 3/4's or more of the frosting. It takes a lot of mixing. You want it to stick together and hold its shape.

Once mixed wrap and chill.

This is what the funfetti cake mix looked like before headed for a chillin. I have been known to leave them in this state for a couple days. Just so I can have them ready for when I can devote time to the rest of the making.

After a good chilling start rolling little balls. I use an ice cream scoop so they are uniform.

When all the balls are rolled send for another chilling

 I use candy mold trays for the bottom of the cake pops. They look like the bottom of cupcakes.

Here is a tray full! One box usually gets me 40 balls.

Use the melting chocolates - I find them at JoAnns. Melt the chocolate according to the instructions on the package. Different colors seem to have different consistencies. Yellow is not fun to work with but white and chocolate I find the best.  I fill the trays maybe to half full. You want the chocolate to come completely up the sides without spilling over the top when you put the ball into the chocolate. It is important on the sides because you will be holding on to that when dipping the top. Once in the trays you must chill it again. When the chocolate is solid it will let you pop it out of the trays pretty easily.

Now for the top of the cupcake.  Here is the top going into the chocolate.  Swirl it and let the excess chocolate drip off.  Be sure to make sure the top and bottom (the ball) is completely covered. If it isn't the cake will ooze out of any gaps or cracks. Once it is dipped this is when you can use sprinkles and/or M & M's.
At this point you are done chilling. I then slip them in to candy bags and ribbon. This past weekend we sold them at the Sweet Heart Luncheon for Down Syndrome
The Queen of Cake Pops can be found on this blog Bakerella
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  1. Now, that's what I call a dedicated friend! Thanks so much for going to so much trouble to post this for me! Can't wait to try making some!

  2. if you knew Kathy you would do the same :-)