Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TWD: Berry Galatte

It seems like recipes are coming at me fast and furious. Again I find myself getting it all together on posting day.
I don't know what I was expecting with a galatte but I was thinking much bigger! The dough was really sticky and I was glad I had read another TWD post where they rolled it out on parchment paper. I struggle rolling a circle?!! It was only 11" across and my cup and a half of fruit was more like 2 and half. I got it into the oven but it got a leak so it baked in a pool of berry juice (not really like that is a bad thing). It looked pretty. It just looks like its not big enough to share. :-)
I tried the cheese and tomato galatte with the other half of the dough. I had some of Jenn's Lemoore tomatoes that she brought down for the rehearsal dinner. I had fresh basil from the yard. I am hoping to pass it off as dinner. It is hot here. Not like valley hot or midwest hot but hot for the bay area. I am thinking this is all the cooking I am going to be doing for today.

I had to include a picture of my tomato. I think I planted roma but it looks like a banana tomato.  The basil went to flower but I love all the bees. It makes my little herb garden look so productive and we have a neighbor with beehives. I imagine his honey with a hint of basil.