Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vietnamese Shaking Beef

So my new addiction is the website Skinnytaste. It is awesome for "lighter" versions of really great recipes and it has an amazing program linked to it called ziplist. It is an app and a website that creates shopping lists from recipes and then you and everyone in your house can add or subtract from it remotely and it syncs wirelessly!! 
Here is one of the recipes I made the other night and it was really really good. The pickled onions were great toppings too! Creed thought it was good, a bit vinegary, but I love vinegar so I enjoyed it immensely!


Monday, June 4, 2012

TWD: Oasis Naan

May had an extra tuesday and that was to be the makeup tuesday. Well some how in my head I got it confused and thought the extra tuesday was at the end of June so I never got to the Sticky Pecan Buns. I also have two  weddings in the next three months and I have to fit the dresses I bought so it is just as well considering all the butter involved.
 This tuesdays recipe was the Oasis Naan not to be confused with the Persian Naan.  The recipe is the same dough but the shaping is different and the water used on top.
I am getting more comfortable in making the yeast dough. I am just not getting any neater at it.
The dough was really smooth and doubled nicely. These are the eight balls that are made before rolling the dough out.

 I rolled the balls out to 5 or 6 inches in diameter and 1/4 " thick.  My circle does not look like a circle. Cumin, scallions and salt are then sprinkled on top.
I kept thinking pizza while making these and so for two of the rounds I added italian spices - yum.
It is challenging getting rolled dough from counter to  inverted cookie sheet.  I must of lost my pizza stone in the kitchen redo.

The bread was delicious. Jamie and I stood there and each ate one while warm. I had made baba ganoush but the tahini was bitter and it came out terrible. What a waste of time! Instead Jamie had some humus and some other spicy dip that we used as we each went through another round. We were thinking this would be great bread just for dipping in olive oil.
I was happy with the outcome.  I am so glad I put the time in in keeping up with TWD! Check out these blogs (our hosts - thanks) Always Add More Butter  &  Of Cabbages & King Cakes for the recipe.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chef Kim is sharing her cooking skills with the Down Syndrome Association of Central California and it started tonight with Gluten Free Pizza.  It was DELICIOUS! Thank you Mr. Tom Schneider for donating the funds for all of the ingredients! and thank you Young Chefs Academy of Fresno for donating the cooking space and utensils.