Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TWD: French Apple Tart

I had kind of made up my mind that I wasn't going to make this recipe for whatever reason. Then today I started reading the posts. I read on one how someone had found it really educational in that they tried several different techniques and it was very good. I then decided I should try it. I did not have a tart pan or apples so off to the store to make purchases before I could get started.
The nice thing about baking in a group is that if you wait till the last minute you can see how it went for everyone else. Like the crust doesn't look all the way cooked on the bottom on the first bake. Two (and I should of paid closer attention too) that it took a while from start to finish. But give it a go I did.

 Things I learned...I need more pie weights then I have. The crust shrinks and my tart pan was 10" which meant my crust didn't have much of an edge. The recipe for the crust is great - light and crisp.
 I also learned that I am not good at making apple rosettes but it still looked okay.

 Does it get any better then vanilla bean ice cream with hot apple tart. A celebration of a good day at work and this made it feel like a party.
This is just a picture of how good this crust recipe is. I feel much more capable of making a crust with this recipe. The recipe can be found at our hosts website if you don't have the book. Thanks for hosting Laws of the Kitchen.


  1. Your crust does look great!
    I agree - when you cook in a group, you learn a lot from what everyone else did. If only the rest of life was that easy...

  2. I agree, that crust looks great. The whole tart looks great! I love the pic with the slice taken out, as it does really show off how good the crust is. Great job. I too love baking in a group, as I learn so much from everyone. And also get great ideas.

  3. Your tart is pretty, and I'm impressed by your photo of the ice cream scoop - I've heard they are hard to photograph, though I've never tried. This is my second outing with the group, and I agree it's great for learning tips and ideas from everyone.

  4. This is a very good pie dough recipe, one that all cooks can learn from. Your tart looks delicious!

  5. Your tart is beautiful! It looks like it has a great edge. Well done.