Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TWD: Boga Negra

February is birthday month here. My birthday, Tom's birthday, Gramma Smith's birthday. What better way to celebrate then birthday dinner and a decadent chocolate cake!!
I gathered the supplies, lots of good chocolate. We went through the liquor cabinet for bourbon where we found lots of whiskey. We determined whiskey to be bourbon but named such as because of area or at least that is what we believe.
I have been watching The Chew and they had a great salmon dish on and I thought I would give that a try for dinner.  Dessert was a no-brainer Boca Negra and it would keep me up to date with TWD.
This recipe is the chocolate addicts worst nightmare (or dream). Just the smell of the chocolate as you chop it up is enough to send you over the edge.
 The whole cake was made in the food processor. Incredibly easy. The batter is so creamy and divine. I guess that is what you get with that much chocolate, 5 eggs and 2 sticks of butter. I wanted to dance it went so well. I buttered my 9" cake pan poured the batter in and then read the recipe again. OM!!! I forgot parchment paper on the butter of the pan....... It was beautiful and I was sure it was going to be a disaster coming out.

Needless to say it came out in one piece. It did take running a knife around the the edge and tapping but it came out!. In one piece! It looks like it would be dense but it is really creamy and loads of chocolate. The mouth feel is incredible.  The topping is a white chocolate, cream with bourbon (or whiskey).  It really set off the dark chocolate. The topping seemed more like stiff butter in its texture so I don't know if the consistency was right but the taste was really good. Since we have had almost springlike weather here my mint is sprouting and I thought it would be funny to imitate the picture from the book. I forgot to get the forks placed on the plate....close but not a good copy.
 This is an incredible quick chocolate fix that you could make to impress dinner guests. For our birthday presents we got these great bracelets that track your movement & intake from Thomas, Molly, Jamie and Shawn. It is just what we need to know how hard we have to work to work this dessert off!
 By the way the salmon was delicious too! Long slow cooking topped with pesto and avocado salad makes for a light delicious treat.
Thanks to Cathy of A Frederick Food Garden. You can find the recipe there if you do not have Baking with Julia.

The salmon recipe can be found at:


  1. Yours looks a little thicker than mine. I thought this tasted fantastic, but I tried mixing by hand but had to use the food processor in the end. I should have just started there!

  2. The food processor was teh way to go, wasn't it? Such an elegant dessert without a huge amout of effort.

    The salmon look great - definitely will have to check that out.

    1. Thanks the salmon was delicious. It made for a nice light meal next to that decadent dessert.

  3. Your cake looks wonderful! Love the pic of it with the mint sprig. Very nice! So glad it turned out so well so you could celebrate all the birthdays!

  4. Your slice of cake is beautiful! The salmon dinner sounds good too.

  5. You cake turned out beautifully - what a great way to celebrate all the birthdays. The salmon looks delicious too :)

  6. Your slice of cake looks just like the one in the book. Lovely job! Your salmon dinner also looks delicious. Happy Birthday to you and your family members!