Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TWD : Rugelach

I missed the last TWD which was Chocolate Truffle Tartlets. It would of been lovely to try (and eat) but instead I celebrated my birthday. There were plenty of goodies; macarons, chocolate bars,browned butter with salt cookies and a Miette Chocolate cake. I needed time to recover!
This TWD assignment was Rugelach. I have heard of them but never had one. Never actually seen one. The adventure was on. One thing I have learned with this recipe is that reading the whole recipe first is a must. If I had waited till Tuesday I would have dough to show.

The dough seem to come together okay. I thought all the butter and cream cheese would make the dough delicious to nibble but no. Salt was an after thought (remember read and read again) I patted them into rectangles, put in frig and called it day one. My Romba / Bear did floor clean up for me.

Day two, I read the recipe and realized again that I should of paid more attention to the recipe. I would not of had to buy apple butter (because googling in the grocery store I learned that was the closest item that came to lekvar). After reading again I realized I had what I needed to make lekvar. I also learned that I had Amaretto it just wasn't labeled as such. I rolled the dough out and with the help of a tape measure came close to 14 x 10 rectangle. Hopefully at the end of all this it will be SO much easier. Filled some of the dough with apricot lekvar and some with mini chocolate chips. Back into the frig end of day 2.

Day three, time for the egg wash and cinnamon/sugar/nut bath! After a 22 minute bake in the oven they came out looking just like the picture. Oh what a relief. I sat down with a cup of tea and plowed through four in no time at all. I don't know if they taste like they should but they did taste good and with a cup of tea a bit of heaven.


  1. Looks yummy! Cute comparison photo to the cookbook. :)

  2. lol, your held together well. :) i used chocolate butter with mine, and left the cinnamon out completely. yum! i went through a few myself...

  3. So are you bringing some down for us to try?

  4. I like the picture of the unrolled dough with all the filling lying on the counter. Yum

  5. Yours came out looking just like the book's! Well done :)

  6. From a fellow TWD participant, yours look JUST like the book! Very nice :) Glad to bake with you!