Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TWD: Irish Soda Bread

Keeping up with the baking group is the challenge but I have done two in a row. This Tuesday's was Irish Soda Bread. What better time to attempt this challenge than on St Paddy's Day. The kids had all come home for a beer tasting dinner Friday night. Sierra Nevada Beer was the brewery and was a fun evening had by all.
The next day being St. Patrick's day we planned a corned beef and cabbage dinner. What better time to try Irish Soda Bread. Jessica took on the corned beef and cabbage. The corned beef cooked in crock pots all day. The cabbage she grilled and then steamed with a little Guinness.
I pulled out the simple ingredients for the bread. Flour, buttermilk, baking soda and salt. I had a little helper, Wyatt and another helper that distracted the little helper!
The thing I worried most was doing too much. Stirring till it comes together begs the question, what does that actually mean??? I did the bare minimum than plopped the dough onto the counter for a little knead.
As you can see from the pictures it isn't exactly that smooth dough look that I thought it should have but again I didn't want to do to much.
Miracle of miracles it came out great. I did not add the currants I bought because I wanted it simple for the dinner. It tasted great with the corned beef and cabbage. The timing was perfect because it was hot for dinner. Everyone loved it. The grandson ate two buttered pieces happily. I will never know if it were to get hard sitting because there was none left!!
This was the simplest bread to bake. I can seeing doing this again and am exited to try some of the combinations I have seen on other blogs - sweet and savory.


  1. Your bread is lovely. Sounds like your family had lots of St. Paddy's day fun and food. We always enjoy family for this green day and the bread was a great part of our meal...as it was for you.

  2. You got a great rise on yours! Glad you enjoyed it with your family. Sounds like a fun few days,

  3. Love it! Your's looks like a gigantic biscuit. I am sure if was perfect for your Irish dinner!

    1. now that you point it out!!! ha ha ha! A great bread for a hearty meal.

  4. Wow - it looks like you had great oven spring! Very nice.