Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TWD: Tomato Galette

We were leaving for Maui so I worked quickly to get this one on the books. Tomato Galatte. It takes so few ingredients and those that are needed are basic staples. It was perfect for a "not much left in the house" dinner. The dough is very simple for this recipe and can be made quickly then put in the frig to chill earlier in the day. 

The basil is fresh out of my garden. Unfortunately the tomatoes have not ripened yet. This could be  such a go to recipe to be filled with anything....savory or sweet. I can just imagine when the tomatoes are ripe and full of flavor. Mozzarella is the cheese here but I don't see why you couldn't add a variety of different cheeses. 

 The dough is chilled and as long as it it chilled it isn't too sticky. It warms up quickly and then it is very sticky. Others thought to chill the surface where they rolled their dough - great idea. Lots of flour and using the roller to lift and move to the parchment paper also worked. The dough is rolled very thin 1/8 of an inch. Note that these are small, maybe 10 inches across when folded up. The recipes makes enough for two galettes. I made one and froze the other disc of dough.

I only had whole wheat flour left in the house so the galatte has a beautiful toasted look. There is also cornmeal in the dough which adds a nice chew to the crust. 

It made a lovely light dinner with a glass of wine. I will definitely come back to this recipe with all sorts of vegetables and then all of the different summer fruits.  It would work well for an appetizer because it is good cool (no ours didn't get a chance to cool), dinner or as a dessert with the fruit. The possibilities are endless!


  1. have a great trip!
    Galettes are a perfect light summer dinner. Especially with that glass of wine...

    1. This would probably be good with a Mai Tai too.......

  2. Ooh, a vegetable galette sounds great! Enjoy Maui!

  3. Your galette looks wonderful. You're right, it is perfect for the days ya don't have a lot in the house to cook with!
    I look forward to making it again with all the fresh summer veggies.
    Have a great trip! Glad you had time to do this recipe.