Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TWD Rewind - Semolina Bread & Best Brownies Ever

It was a good time to do some baking and a great time to do some catching up with Dorie! I ventured in to two recipes. Semolina Bread was the first. I had bought the semolina flour when the recipe was first suggested. It has sat in the pantry causing pangs of guilt every time I saw it there. I made the recipe but failed to take pictures or write down my thoughts on it. The bread was delicious - a really hearty bread that was simple as far as my skills proved. Tom loved it and finished it off for me. You will just have to take my word for it.
The second recipe I got to was "The Best Brownies Ever".   I have to say they were the best every brownies. Total chocolate fix. Chocolatey and gooey. So much so I had to get them out of the house pronto! I used a lot of bowls to make them but over all a simple recipe. I love doing recipes after everyone else because of all the tips and things to look for. There were so many good descriptions and thoughts in all of the different blogs that my brownies came out perfect. Thanks!!


  1. Your brownies look great. I remember I didn't have much luck with them. I looked at the semolina bread and thought about making that. One day I guess.

  2. That bread was good & I remember people loving the brownies as well. Good catch up recipes!

  3. The brownies look delicious! One can never have too many good brownie recipes, right? :-)