Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TWD:Nectarine Upside-down Chiffon Cake

Life is getting really busy with the "final - final" wedding so labor day weekend we went labor-less. Our roommates were at their respective bachelorette & bachelor parties and we were home alone. A trip to the farmers market and I picked up some great nectarines. This TWD recipe was a nectarine upside down chiffon cake.
 I watched some of the Julia Child video which was really helpful. The nectarines were such a pretty color. The streusel was easy. Next was the chiffon cake which seemed daunting but went pretty easily. Whipping egg whites into white foam then folding in the cake batter creating a really light batter.
 The hardest part of this cake ended up being all the bowls. I was surprised how quickly it all went together. The nice part of baking along in a group is that so many of the experienced bakers leave helpful hints in the chatter section. I am sure many a mistake or blunder has been avoided by my reading all their tips.
 I also had to practice my cake pop making for the wedding. 210 cake pops is all I need to make and wrap. Just what we need around here more sweets to eat.
 The cake looked really good. It came out looking just like the picture until the middle sank down.
Monday night we all gathered back together for a barbecue which allowed me to get some help tasting and critiquing my cake. Cutting into the cake I could tell that I needed to do a better job of pouring equal amounts of batter around the streusal. The cake tasted delicious and was so tender. It will definitely be a keeper. In the Julia video they talked about it being a great breakfast treat. I thought it was a great dessert with a small scoop of ice cream. Everyone seemed to enjoy it also.
Thanks to our host Marlise ofThe Double Trouble Kitchen and Susan of The Little French Bakery for this Tuesday. The recipe can be found on their websites.


  1. Looks delicious!


  2. You cake looks lovely and I enjoyed your post. Isn't it amazing how we can all start with the same recipe, have different experiences and yet end up with lovely cake? Blessings, Catherine http://praycookblog.com/2012/09/twd-bwj-nectarine-upside-down-chiffon-cake/

  3. Your cake looks lovely even with the sunken middle. We are going to be making this cake again, too. Good luck with all the cake pop preparation!

  4. Sounds like you have your hands full!
    Your cake looks lovely & is the perfect thing to bring along - I know that I would be thrilled if someone showed up at my house with that in hand...